Our registered brand Horseport, beyond being the symbol of an online portal related to horses is also a gate to horsemanship which refers to words horse and transportation describing the true meaning of the services it produces. Horseport provides economic and realistic solutions to horse people with its reliable business network acquired within many years..


Mehmet Alp Gürdoğan

Equine Veterinarian And Founder

Togerher With Horses

I was born in 1971 in Istanbul. After the years in primary and secondary schools I tasted the experience of riding at the age of 11 and at those years I would not imagine that more than 35 years would pass after then. I have been an instructor for a long time with my own horses for many years until the time to decide my future career. I would either do another job, then return to horses or stay in horse world and become a professional to carry on my life. I choose the second one. During the years in my education at the University of Istanbul School of Veterinary Medicine; I have earned my living with training horses and riders to competitions. I have invested all my time to horses until my graduation; sometimes competing myself; sometimes training sport horses and sometimes training riders. Spending some time with Dierenkliniek De Bosdreef in Belgium has been a great experience in my veterinary career and I would like to express my gratitute to Dear Mehveş and Dear Aldo. And of course Dr. Hennau has a very special place in my life. After my graduation my desire to continue my veterinary medicine career was in front of everything so I focused on equine veterinary medicine only; meanwhile taking part in showjumping competitions as a licensed rider of Istanbul Equestrian Club and helping a few friends with their riding went on. Right after my graduation I have spent 1,5 years at Kemer Golf & Country Club as the Equestrian Operations Manager which I believe have been a very good experience for me. After a while I started trading, importing and exporting horses which made me enjoy the business a lot with my registered brand name HORSEPORT. There is of course no end to horse business; I also started breeding showjumping horses with my network outside of Turkey, being a very joyful experiences of my work. I am presenting my experiences of morse than 35 years to you…

How Can We Help You?

We take great care in communication at all phases of our operations. We believe that we have at least one subjet which we may assit you from horse purchases andsales, breeding, logistics to customs formalities.