About Livestock Logistics

Today livestock logistics relies to strict rules and regulations. Those rules and regulations aim to send animals to destination at best health. Our country; targeting the European Community standards have started implementing those strict rules and regulations.

Taking all legal and health regulations of origin, destination and third party countries into consideration; we do the logistics of all livestock at safest standards possible. Our vehicles are at European Community standards and always start the journeys with all permits and security precautions properly completed. Vehicles are specially designed to minimize the stress of transportation where all vehicles are supervised with sufficient number of responsible personell and drivers with plenty of feed and water. We take great care in ventilation and heating of the vehicles to complete the journey with maximum comfort to our passengers. Thanks to our relianble business network; we have frequent breaks at farms with good standards for our passengers to relax and enjoy some time at a free stall. We take no risk of transporting animals below desired health status and in case of such a situation we immediately look for medical attention at veterinary control points.

Livestock logistics need to be delicately planned. In order to maintain a quick and a safe transport; all permits required from the relevant countries are prepared and double checked with all personell in charge on the way; especially veterinary health and customs authorities.

One on the most important sujects at livestock logistics is not to spread transmissable diseases with transportation. All our health checks and laboratory tests required for health certificates are done at accreditated laboratories to ensure the highest standards possible.

Identification of our passengers and passport preparations are organized by our qualified personel and microchip identifications are double checked at every phase of the operation to avoid possible problems. All passengers are ID checked upon loading.

The most delicate species of all to transport are horses (equidae) which is our main point of interest and expertise.

Other Species:
1. Cats, dogs
2. Cows, bulls, pregnant and non pregnant heiffers, large farm animals.
3. All sorts of animals intended to be transported for exhibitions, competitions, races and shows. (We clearly inform our clients about rules, regulations and permissions of countries which the animals have to cross on the way)
4. Various poultry. (Some countries have restrictions of transportation of poultry due to “flu”)

We are ready to transport your animals either as your pet friends, farm animals, competiton horse or race horses with the best standards.

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